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This is the story of PEOPLE

Everybody has a story.
Everybody has an opinion.
Everybody is different.

Retirement Living

Rediscover the Feeling of Home

To know where you’re going, you must first know where you came from. At Esprit Lifestyle Communities, we believe this to be true, which is why we celebrate every story that walks through our doors.

Throughout our 11 Canadian locations, we work to ensure independence is always honoured and individual preferences are always prioritized. Each and every different background is what moves us forward, and choosing to trust in our services results in a living experience that’s both respectful and revitalizing.

Here’s to the amazing experiences, extraordinary adventures and incredible people you’ve met along the way so far. When you’re ready to begin your next chapter…

Esprit is where the start is.

Meet the People of Esprit

Remarkable Stories

Chef Michael's Dining Story
While completing my final year of high school, my older sister said to my mother, "Michael eats too much, he should become a cook." She was right...
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The Story of Ella
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The Story of Bryan
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