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11 communities. 2 provinces. Countless stories.

We have beautiful buildings, quality programs, fantastic resources and good intentions – but none of it comes together without a great team. The success of each of our communities comes down to the quality of our teams. Of course, we have a great team in the support office as well, who are focused on providing resources to our teammates at the community level, where it matters most. Finally, as a part of the Extendicare family brands, Esprit is on an amazing team working across Canada, day and night, helping Canadians live better.

Meet the People of Esprit

Remarkable Stories

An Adventure in Cribbage
I can’t even imagine how many crib hands I have counted! I have been playing cribbage for more than eighty years. I was first taught by my father back in the late 1930’s.  We played regularly until I joined the Air Force, we even got in a few games during the war...
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Hazel's Quilting Story
Quilting for me began accidentally as a result of being asked to help lead a quilting course. A lady from Simcoe who had taken the course kept phoning me and encouraging me to join a newly formed “Norfolk County Quilt Guild” in 1984; by 1986 I decided to give it a try. By attending workshops at the guild, I have learned many techniques and quilting skills. With some of my quilting friends I’ve had the opportunity to travel across Canada...
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How We Met
Well, it was at a dance in Pense. Across the room I saw a very tall man that I thought looked pretty good and he must have thought the same about me...
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Michael's Story
My name is Michael, and I am a resident assistant at Riverbend Crossing. I also perform violin with the Regina Symphony, and play piano for Whitmore Park United Church.  When not working, I am training to become a registered nurse at the University of Regina...
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Ted's Story
I was born in Regina and was educated at the University of Arizona on a football scholarship. I came back to Saskatchewan to play in the CFL for the Roughriders from 1961-1970 as an offensive centre...
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The Storyteller
I am a mixed farmer who had the privilege of being taught about the equality of people, no matter what culture or nationality. Having this privilege, these same people have shared with me and I am richer because of it. My books are a meagre attempt to describe and thank some of these people and to write stories that both young and old can enjoy...
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