Riverbend Crossing

Providing a worry-free retirement is a total team effort.

We believe, without reservation, that a fulfilling retirement occurs when residents feel fully engaged – mind, body and soul – in safe and comfortable surroundings. When they have the support of staff, the closeness of family and friends, and are engaged with the broader community, even the later stages of retirement open up to be a wonderfully positive stage of life.


The Esprit Retirement Lifestyle philosophy

Wellness – Through good nutrition, amenities that facilitate engagement and activities that stimulate, we can help residents realize their full potential mind, body and soul.

Support – By providing the right combination of professional care and support only when it is needed, we can create a safe and secure environment that cultivates independence, confidence and engagement.

Connectedness – Through a full calendar of social activities and up-to-date technology, we enable residents to stay connected to family and friends and to make new connections with fellow residents and the community.

We have a long history of creating caring, safe and connected communities.

As part of the Extendicare family of companies, Esprit Lifestyle Communities draws on a long and rich tradition of providing Canadians with high quality retirement living and health care options dating back to 1968.

From the very beginning, Extendicare has earned an enviable reputation for providing quality health care and retirement living options focused on enhancing and enriching the lives of residents. And over that time, Extendicare gained considerable expertise in delivering programs and services that maintain the highest standards for quality in the most cost effective manner possible.

Today, that expertise is clearly evident in our sister companies – Silver Group Purchasing (group purchasing), Extendicare Assist (redevelopment and consulting services) and ParaMed (home health care services including personal care, homemaking, therapy and nursing services).

Riverbend Crossing by Esprit Lifestyle Communities, is privileged to be able to bring the experience and knowledge of the Extendicare family of companies to better serve our residents.


It’s a team effort.

Stephanie Klaus Director of Wellness

Stephanie the Director of Wellness loves having the opportunity to work with a wonderful group of people. My favorite moments are when I see the residents enjoying entertainment, seeing the residents laughing and having fun is why I do what I do.

Bev Dusel Director of Culinary Services

Bev the Director of Culinary Services loves being a part of a team that enriches the lives of seniors. She enjoys bringing joy to the residents through the basic act of making a home cooked meal. Food is love and she loves making it for everyone she meets.

Tracy Naka General Manager

Tracy the General Manager has been working in Long-Term care and Dementia nursing for 26 years. She loves being able to see at least one smile on any of the residents faces each day and being able to provide the residents with the best quality of care.

Matt Fox Community Relations Coordinator

Matt the Community Relations Coordinator loves meeting families and finding solutions to many problems facing families of the residents who are afflicted with forms of dementia. Matt enjoys being a part of a great team that makes a difference every day in the lives of the resident and their families.

Catherine Ecarnot Life Enrichment Coordinator

Cathy believes that the purpose of activities is not to offer an escape from life, but to provide a discovery of life.

Cathy comments, "The best part of my job is watching people open up and have fun"!