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A Christmas Long Ago

After having a bath in the tin tub by the cook stove two excited little girls were tucked
into bed by their Mother to await the visit of Santa.
As we tried to go to sleep we heard sleigh bells. Could that be Santa’s sleigh? We had better go to sleep. Just as it was breaking day, my little sister and I crept down the stairs to see what Santa brought. Looks like a large box and we wondered if it was the little
cupboard that we wanted, As we got closer we saw that there were two boxes and taking one each and our stockings we went back to bed. Our feet were so-o-o cold.
When we opened the box we each found the most beautiful doll with real hair and blue eyes that opened and closed. We were so happy and gave her a hug.
Many years later we each had our Eaton Beauty dolls restored and I made mine new
clothes. Her name was Jennifer. Now she is living with my granddaughter and great-­grand daughter and still dearly loved.
About the bells we thought that we heard. My Dad had hung a string of sleigh bells
around his shoulders and ran around the house making the bells jungle hoping the we would think it was Santa’s sleigh.