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A first date promise

When I first met my husband he asked me if I liked to travel?

I responded with I’ve never really travelled anywhere, never even been on a plane.

He then responded with I’m going to be the one who takes you on a plane for the first time.

Of course I chuckled… thinking “don’t hold your breath”.

Several months later he told me he had a surprise date night planned.

Not really thinking anything of it, I got all ready for our date.

When he picked me up I asked him where are we going?

He responded by saying “keeping my promise”.

Next thing I knew we were driving into a small airport.

I asked, “what are we doing”?

He responded by saying “ I’m keeping my promise and taking you in a plane for the first time”.

Not only had he arranged for us to have a private flight over Toronto, the pilot let me fly.