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An Adventure in Cribbage

I can’t even imagine how many crib hands I have counted! I have been playing cribbage for more than eighty years. I was first taught by my father back in the late 1930’s.  We played regularly until I joined the Air Force, we even got in a few games during the war.  My son and I play for a nickel a game (I don’t think either one of us has made $20.00 yet). The strategy for playing crib is all in the cards – If you get the cards, you’re laughing, if you don’t, well …. When you have played as long as me the plays become automatic, you look at your hand and you know exactly what to throw away.  I have played in many Legion tournaments, won some and lost some. I have had the perfect hand “29” twice in my life. Coming in first place in the Saskatchewan Seniors Fitness Cribbage Tournament wasn’t a surprise, Dianne was a great partner and we were dealt good cards. I still have a few good games left to play.