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An Adventure in Cribbage

I can’t even imagine how many crib hands I have counted! I have been playing cribbage for more than eighty years. I was first taught by my father back in the late 1930’s.  We played regularly until I joined the Air Force, we even got in a few games during the war.  My son and I play for a nickel a game (I don’t think either one of us has made $20.00 yet). The strategy for playing crib is all in the cards – If you get the cards, your laughing, if you don’t, well … . When you have played as long as me the plays become automatic, you look at your hand and you know exactly what to throw away.  I have played in many Legion tournaments, won some and lost some. I have had the perfect hand “29” twice in my life. Coming in first place in the Saskatchewan Seniors Fitness Cribbage Tournament wasn’t a surprise, Dianne was a great partner and we were dealt good cards. I still have a few good games left to play.