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Chef Chris’ Dining Story

I was not born into a family of cooks, but developed a taste for food at a very young age because I was exposed to all types of cuisine. Growing up  my family had a diverse palate and we enjoyed eating Chinese, Indian, West Indian, Italian, and French food together, to name a few.  My first real food experience was at Epcot Centre in Walt Disney World where we ate at Paul Bocuse’ restaurant in the French Pavilion and even though I was very young,  I remember eating escargot and frogs legs and I never looked back.  Since then, eating good food has been a love of mine and at the age of 22 I decided to go to culinary school. After 10 years of working in the industry, my most memorable experience was cooking for my late mother. In her last years, I was her personal chef and cooked according to her cravings and it was then that I truly understood the power and importance of food.  I now get the same joy cooking for my family. My passion for cooking is deep rooted in my love for eating good food.