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Chef Michael’s Dining Story

While completing my final year of high school, my older sister said to my mother, “Michael eats too much, he should become a cook.” She was right, I really loved food and ate a lot back then-I was never satisfied. Now, in those days, we were taught not to argue with our parents. My mom agreed with my sister and arranged for me to attend college to learn to cook.

While attending culinary college in Walsall, England, I fell in love with cooking immediately, I completed my studies, I received my diploma. My first job was at Crest Hotels, in Coventry, England.

I arrived in Canada through the recruitment of Intercontinental Hotels Group – they were looking for chefs to join their company and I was delighted to accept their offer, the experience was well worth it.

Several years later, my father developed diabetes, it was my pleasure to return to England and care for him by being his personal chef for two weeks. After that enjoyable experience, I decided that when I return to Canada I wanted to prepare nutritious homemade meals for seniors, as most high-end chefs were working in hotels, golf clubs and restaurants.