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Furry Friends

Growing up, my family bred Golden Retrievers. I don’t remember a time when dogs were not a huge part of my life. As a kid my favourite part of the day was getting home from school and being greeted at the end of the driveway by waggy tails and floppy tongues.

As a very young adult living in an apartment that didn’t allow pets, I successfully convinced my landlords to let me get Annie, a small golden retriever cross who couldn’t find a home. I fell in love with her the second I read her profile and knew I had to give her all the love she deserved. After writing a very compelling letter describing all the reasons why I needed this dog as much as she needed me, including a picture of her sweet face, I had my neighbours in the building accompany me to show their support when I hand delivered it and pitched my case.

These days I fill up as much of my free time as possible with canine friendly activities; from volunteering and fostering with a local rescue to going on adventures with my 2 sidekicks, Chevy and Penny.