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Grandpa and Me

If I can recall, as a small child I was interested in being a veterinarian, teacher, dentist, and a ballerina. None of those panned out, especially the ballerina gig! As high school was coming to a close I felt the need to choose my career path sooner than later.  Right around the same time, my grandpa had a stroke.  The doctors all told us that he would not walk again, not laugh at the same things, not really be that grandpa that we loved so dearly.  He went into care and it was tough to see.  I went to visit one day and he asked me to go for a walk with him.  He told me to push his wheel chair over to the side of the hallway.  He stopped me, put his breaks on, and got up.  He walked!! I looked back to my mom and she was smiling.  Grandpa was walking again, he was laughing again.  He ended up moving back home with my grandma and we enjoyed the next two years with him until he passed peacefully.  I can’t thank the staff that helped my grandpa enough.  It was then I knew that I wanted to help someone else’s grandpa, so I became a nurse.  I know that my grandpa had the drive to work hard and get better; it was evident in everything he did.  He was the man that wheeled himself around the care home and talked calmly to some of the residents who were upset.  But it was the care staff that worked endlessly with him that I look up to, and who helped shape the nurse I am today.