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Hazel’s Quilting Story

Quilting for me began accidentally as a result of being asked to help lead a quilting course. A lady from Simcoe who had taken the course kept phoning me and encouraging me to join a newly formed “Norfolk County Quilt Guild” in 1984; by 1986 I decided to give it a try. By attending workshops at the guild, I have learned many techniques and quilting skills. With some of my quilting friends I’ve had the opportunity to travel across Canada. Looking back this was the best decision I could have made.

Quilting is so rewarding in many ways. You learn precise piecing, colour values, and textures of fabrics.

I find it is excellent therapy for your mind like, doing puzzles. It can also be a helpful distraction during a crisis during ones life.

I’m afraid I am addicted to fabrics, seeing one that just begs me to purchase it. Even though I don’t have a project in mind, you buy it, then your creativity will kick in and you soon find a use for it. I have enjoyed this hobby very much and have met so many wonderful friends through quilting.