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Mr. Freeman’s Lamb

Mr. Freeman is a 95 year old gentleman that used to have sheep when he and his family lived on a farm in Uxbridge; he is also an artist and retired dentist. Mr. Freeman has lost his eye sight due to macular degeneration and this makes him feel that he can not enjoy the things in life anymore. Sharlene (DOW at Douglas Crossing) and her family brought the day old lamb from home to Mr. Freeman’s room so he could hold the lamb, feeling it and smelling it. Mr. Freeman kept saying over and over again “isn’t this something, isn’t this something.” He snuggled and rubbed nos­es wit h the lamb until we had to take the lamb back to its mom.

“My wife and I owned Twinkle Berry Farm at Sanford Road & 7th Concession. Holding the baby lamb brought back memories of the farm. I remember the baby lambs inside in the spring for a few days to keep warm by the Old Franklin stove. We would hold them in the blankets to keep warm. It was lovely to hold the lamb again. I’m 95 now and it’s only in the last few years I’ve been blind. It was special to feel and hear the lamb even though I can’t see it any more.”