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Chef Lindsay’s Cooking Story

I started cooking and baking when I was just a young girl with my grandmother learning from her the basic skills in a kitchen, this I believe was the start of my growing interest and love for food. I really fell in love with cooking and baking when I was able to feel the satisfaction and see the enjoyment it brings to others while eating what I have made for them; always humbly accepting compliments to the chef reassures me this is where I belong.

One of my many absolute favorite moments was when I was working in Florence, Italy while aside amazing chefs at a five michelin star hotel-resort, this is where I was able to feel my truest passion and respect for food.  Taking in an abundance of knowledge and experiences, while loving the heat from the rush of service and cooking large quantity events that we put our hearts into, that moment when our visions finally came together made for the greatest experience.

There is something about that feeling that rush you can get in the kitchen-when service is running smoothly and everything is going well, while working along side others who simply flow and “speak the same language” when we compliment each other, it just reinforces the feeling of this is where I belong.