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Edna’s Christmas Memory

I had been fostering children for a number of years. My oldest two children were grown and gone.  I had one 17yr. old foster child and my youngest daughter, age 14, at home. I thought I was all ready for Christmas when I got the call. Could I take three siblings, age 5, 8, and 10.  Of course I said yes.  They arrived December 10, 1971.  Everyone got busy making room for our 3 new little guests.  Friends, neighbors, and family  helped with additional gifts for the children.  The three of them seemed to settle in to our tiny little home quite nicely and I remember the excitement on their faces when they opened their gifts that Christmas morning.  Our home became their forever home. I like to say I was blessed with 3 of my own children and 4 ‘Ready-mades’. To this day we are all very close and very loving.  3 years ago they all came to help celebrate my 100th Birthday!  Dec. 10, 2021 I received a beautiful bouquet from the 3 of them in honor of our 50th Anniversary.