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Secret Communication

I joined the RAF in 1942 on my 18th birthday and served for 4 years. I was given a Morse aptitude test which I passed 100% – a 6 month wireless operators course then took place followed by another 6 month course to become a high speed telegraphist Morse slip reader, I passed both courses. During the latter course which took place in London, our billets were hit by a Beijing bomb and many girls were killed, I was very lucky and escaped injury. I was stationed at Air Ministry, Whitehall RAF Stanbridge, RAF Chicksands priory, all the postings dealing with secret communications which we were warned to never speak about, of course we had taken an oath of silence. These duties entailed shift work at stations, except air ministry, where the signal units were far from the main station requiring RAF transportation. I thoroughly enjoyed my duties but never found out until at least 30 years later what had exactly been going on. It was all so very secret.

I am on the Honour Roll at Blerchley and was awarded the Blerchley Badge. I also received a very nice Thank You from the British Government Code + Cypher School signed by the Prime Minister.