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Tears of Joy

Paris…. The city of Love and fine food. Where a couple can spend the day at the Louvre experiencing the worlds greatest collection of art. And then ride a boat down the Seine river passing world famous land marks like the Eiffel tower and Notre Dame cathedral. Then of course after the most romantic day imaginable finish it with a dinning experience like no other. A meal at a restaurant like, Guy Savoy, Pierre Gagnaire or the little know but fabulous Kei.

This of course is a passion twice fold, the passion of true love and the passion of culinary exquisiteness, a passion that can be even better than true love. That is for the love of food. The tastes, the smells, and the art of chefs that the world outside of those that can afford to experience them has little Idea how amazing they can be. You could use the word orgasmic , but I prefer tears of joy.

This brings us to a personal story of mine. A true story of real tears of joy in Paris. A story that is absent of any romantic love but instead filled with more culinary passion than most people could ever comprehend. It all started with a reservation to Guy Savoys 3 Michelin star restaurant in Paris.

As you walk in you notice notice the feeling of royalty as every customer is treated like kings and queens. There is no waiter to take care of you but a multitude of servers from the maitre d to the sommelier.

Sitting down I am brought champagne and a amuse bouche before the menu even arrives Translation ” mouth amuser”

This amuse bouche was the first of a 18 course love affair of food pleasure. Closely followed by a lobster/eel bisque with lobster tar tar. Every bite a taste revolution.. Following this, oyster and then more lobster with a spectacular dry ice show and lobster foam. Then came a wonderful turbot fish, and then something so amazing that I was in pleasure shock. Caviar and asparagus with a smoked sabayon. At this point I became overwhelmed with sensory overload that tears of joy began running down my checks. I had to excuse myself to the washroom so the waiters could not see such an embarrassing moment.

The very next course foie gras with beetroot and green tea infusion. Oh my god, could it get any better ? !!! The Flavors,the smells. I held back the tears. Next came lentils cooked with truffle jus, again simply amazing ! And then the crown jewel of food , the heavens opened up and presented artichoke soup with truffles and Parmesan cheese served with the most godlike brioche and smoked butter ! And then 3 kinds of lamb,vegetable course,cheese course and 5 dessert course finishing with a warm mango coulis poured over stuffed chocolate. I wanted so badly to lick the plate, but I restrained myself. Lastly served with coffee a dessert trolley with 20 choices. I had to try the rice pudding which of course was the best I had ever had.

I must say this was by far the best meal I had ever eaten. The passion and love I felt in Guy Savoys food I can feel now and wish I could share that passion with everyone I meet. If Only I could put into words the god like presence I feel now and that evening so that people could understand this love. In closing I would like to share a poem that I hope can bring you closer to understanding my passion.


A table for one, sitting by myself

For the love of food and no one else

Paris, Guy Savoy, a dream come true

Passion, intense affinity in my veins runs through

Aromas, tastes that only gods have known

Are mine to experience all on my own

I am so blessed, how can this be?

Yet no one knows, only I can see

Thank you so much my dear friend savoy

For your cuisine has brought me tears of joy