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The Stemp Paper

Everyone knows me as Harry – owner and founder of the Uxbridge Times Journal. However not many know how it all began.

When I was 9 years old I received a River Printing set and I decided to start my first news paper and call it The Stemp Paper. My first article was only three sentences but it was my first.  My brother and sister wanted to read it. However, I was not going to let them read it for free.  That Christmas we were  also given a nickel for allowance and I needed more then a nickel to get more supplies. So I told my brother and sister that if they wanted to read the first article of the Stemp newspaper they would each have to pay me a penny.  Both of them paid the penny  so I had the 7 cents I needed. Later in my career I started hosting community fundraisers.  At one of these fundraisers my brother and sister told this story and how I was always an entrepreneur at heart and thankful to now give back to such a wonderful community.  I will always be proud of my community and life’s journey.