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The Story of Bryan

Bryan graduated from his nursing program in 1999, and has been providing care as a nurse, for the past 21 years.

Bryan has always had a passion for wanting to help people, and to make a difference in people’s lives. His grandfather played a big role in encouraging Bryan to pursue a career in the medical field. The nursing skills he learned came full circle, as he used those skills to look after, and care for his grandparents.

Bryan originally leaned more towards becoming a nurse in pediatrics; however, he landed opportunities that would take him in quite the opposite direction. Bryan pursued nursing in geriatrics, and has spent his career caring for many seniors over the past several years.

It was challenging for Bryan at the start of his nursing career, being a male nurse, in a field that was predominantly female. It was a bit discouraging for Bryan, because he would often be mistaken for a volunteer, or individuals would be reluctant to allow him to care for them. While not all days were easy, it was the kind words and support received from residents and family members that would keep him going. As he pushed forward and continued with his passion for care, the field slowly came around and was more accepting.

There have been many residents that Bryan has cared for over the years, and it is hard for him to just say that one of them has impacted his life. Each and every one of the residents he has cared for has impacted him as a nurse, and has left him with endless memories.

Bryan’s favourite part of his job is that he gets to help the residents each day, by caring for them, encouraging them to get stronger, and to keep positive. To see our residents happy and healthy is the goal he strives for most. Their success stories are the most rewarding part of Bryan’s day. Bryan enjoys being a nurse becauase of his team, that he describes as family, and the wonderful residents.