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The Story of Ella

Ella was born on November 30th, 1927 on a farm near Churchbridge, Saskatchewan to Alfred & Elizabeth Schmidt. Ella attended elementary school just 3 miles from her farm, High School in Churchbridge and trained as a nurse at Yorkton General Hospital. On her graduation day she met her husband, Rudy Propp and soon after they began dating and were married the next year on July 12th, 1950. Rudy owned a grocery store in Yorkton called “Propp’s Food” with his 5 brothers. Ella and Rudy had 4 children:  Janet, Carol, Doug & Donald. Ella taught the candy stripers at the hospital for 3 years. (High school for girls was 3 years and Ella enjoyed working with the girls very much). In the mid 1970’s, Ella and her family moved to Saskatoon where she worked at the hospital. The Propp’s lived in various locations around Saskatoon over the years and Rudy build houses which he loved. Later on in Ella’s career she did a lot of private duty nursing to very ill patients and went on to Luther Care nursing home in Saskatoon (something she enjoyed).  She also  enjoyed curling (still loves watching it on TV), knitting and crochet. She currently is an avid reader, movie goer and enjoys chatting with fellow residents and her family.